Health is in our DNA, Transformation is our Mission.



Through years of successful experience working with U.S. Government clients with missions supporting healthcare and health research, we have grown a passion for delivering data-driven solutions that result in better healthcare quality, accessibility, efficiency, and affordability.  Our services empower our customers to better serve their mission and stakeholders.

Our Services

For every project, our starting point is always what is the best way to resolve our customers’ business challenges.  We understand the change management steps needed to transform enterprise government programs. 


HealthIT Transformation

Data and technology exist today that can transform healthcare and research. Macannie transforms systems that bring power to citizen data scientists.

Digital Transformation

Technology is continuously evolving. Macannie brings the latest options, focusing on open source, to solve mission critical issues. 



Data is only useful if it can be accessed. Macannie builds data products that can be used without the need to know code. 

Blockchain Transformation

Macannie developed a Blockchain-based platform that uses AI evaluations to provide a secure, and verifiable, approach to changing documents and records.  

AI / ML Transformation

Macannie uses Machine Learning, Robotic Processing Automation, and industry standards such as FHIR to make real world use of big data. 

IT Infrastructure


Macannie designs infrastructure that leads to secure data, faster deployments, increased automation, and loosely coupled architecture. 


How Can We Support Your Project?

Macannie was born out of our team's experience using data and rapidly evolving technology to improve healthcare.  Contact us to see how we can help. 

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