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Why Choose Macannie?

A Proven Team

Macannie is founded by a team of professionals that have dedicated their careers to helping customers solve tough problems and making better outcomes.You are working with team members that bring in the best practices from our experience supporting clients in government agencies and commercial industry. You can count on us because we have delivered to many other customers.

We Believe in Technology and Innovation

Our approach to innovation starts with business understanding, aims at improving business outcomes, and is achieved by creative thinking and innovative solutions. We pursue innovation relentlessly and constantly challenge ourselves, because we believe that is why customers come to us and count on us.

We Are Dedicated to Our Customer’s Best Interest

The Macannie team members share a common dedication to doing what is the best for our customers. This will always be the criteria for how we measure our performance. We believe in building trust and a long-term partnership with our customers.