Data Products and Proof of Concepts

How can evolving access to data and new technology improve our nation's healthcare?  Macannie is fascinated by the opportunity to build tools and products that help. Below are some of the ideas that we have created.

Using Data to Support Vulnerable Populations

In an emergency, such as a hurricane, an earthquake, or a public health crisis like Covid-19, vulnerable populations may require specific access to care. Macannie is building a platform that leverages claim data to create a dynamic dataset connecting patient location with procedure codes, giving government analysts and first responders the ability to identify, for example, locations and points of contact of patients that use respirators, or require refrigerated medicine.


Macannie's solution can:

  • Identify patterns in care services and project emergency or future care needs.

  • Help first responders plan for disaster relief operations.

  • Answer questions such as where are high risk Medicare patients concentrated across the United States who may be of particular risk to COVID-19.

Macannie_Claims_Graphic - low res slide

Assessing Cost and Quality of COVID-19 Tests

The Federal Government issued a range of temporary regulatory waivers and new rules to equip our nation's healthcare system with maximum flexibility to respond to  COVID-19. This included allowing wide-spread testing with minimum guidelines. To help track and measure COVID-19 tests, Macannie built a platform that captures COVID related data and provides analytics for cost variance and quality.  Macannie's platform allows analysts to determine over or under use of tests; track gaps in testing as it relates to health inequities; and identify outliers when conducting peer reviews by providers. 


AI, Machine Learning, and Research

Clinicians, academic institutions, government agencies, and industry generate a huge amount of data related to medical research and clinical trials. Collecting this data on a national and worldwide basis is a challenge, and trying to search through this amount of information is daunting even with a clear idea of what to search for. Macannie built a proof of concept for a government research agency using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to drive the results of scientific searches, producing more relevant results, faster, and helping to bring more useful data to decision makers.