Data Transformation

The Macannie Data Transformer (MDT) is a process, toolset and mindset designed to ingest varied types of data from a wide variety of sources. Our MDT approach allows our engineering teams to quickly create a process to transform data into industry standard formats and enable automation (such as FHIR and other emerging health data standards). Our approach can implement complex validation requirements, assess data quality, and transform and integrate large data storage.

To make use of big data, and provide our clients with data analytic products, data quality and a consistent data format are essential. Typically, data from varied sources is maintained in a wide range of formats. Ingesting data from varied sources is a challenge. It can be time consuming and require significant manual effort.

Macannie has developed a Data Transformation platform using open source tools, which can eliminate time-consuming data transformation tasks and provide an easy, automated data conversion and data integration tool set. Our data transformer is fully scalable, capable of being applied to small, medium, and enterprise level data sets, quickly and efficiently.

Data Transformation.gif